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Characterization of Polymeric Membranes Under Large Deformations Using Fluid-Structure Coupling

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2015
auteur(s) Erchiqui Fouad; Souli Mhamed; Kanit Toufik; Imad Abdellatif; Boudlal Abdelaziz; El Moumen Ahmed
journal (abréviation) International Journal of Applied Mechanics (Int. J. Appl. Mechanics)
volume (numéro) 7 (5)
numéro de papier 1550068
résumé The mechanical properties of Ogden material under biaxial deformation are obtained by using the bubble inflation technique. First, pressure inside the bubble and height at the hemispheric pole are recorded during bubble inflation experiment. Thereafter, Ogden's theory of hyperelasticity is employed to define the constitutive model of flat circular thermoplastic membranes (CTPMs) and nonlinear equilibrium equations of the inflation process are solved using finite difference method with deferred corrections. As a last step, a neuronal algorithm artificial neural network (ANN) model is employed to minimize the difference between calculated and measured parameters to determine material constants for Ogden model. This technique was successfully implemented for acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), at typical thermoforming temperatures, 145°C. When solving for the bubble inflation, the recorded pressure is applied uniformly on the structure. During the process inflation, the pressure is not uniform inside the bubble, thus full gas dynamic equations need to be solved to get the appropriate nonuniform pressure to be applied on the structure. In order to simulate the inflation process accurately, computational fluid dynamics in a moving fluid domain as well as fluid structure interaction (FSI) algorithms need to be performed for accurate pressure prediction and fluid structure interface coupling. Fluid structure interaction solver is then required to couple the dynamic of the inflated gas to structure motion. Recent development has been performed for the simulation of gas dynamic in a moving domain using arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) techniques.
mots clés Fluid structure interaction; large deformations; impact; ALE
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