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About the interest of using gas to evaluate permeability of damaged granite

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2017
auteur(s) Zhang Fan; Duan Zhibo; Skoczylas Frédéric; Shao Jian-Fu
journal (abréviation) European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering (European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering)
volume (numéro) 21 (2)
pages 238 – 247
résumé Granite rock is foreseen for the underground storage of radioactive waste in China. The water and gas permeabilities of granite from Sichuan province have been tested in two different laboratories in China and in France. It has been found that water permeability is not a convenient tool to evaluate mechanical damage since gas permeability is considerably more useful to evaluate micro-structural changes of such a material submitted to different levels of confining pressure. The variation of the ratio (K(Pc)/Ko) with the confining pressure was found to be similar for all the samples whatever their initial state was, either intact, micro-cracked or macro-cracked
mots clés confining pressure; gas and water permeability; granite; macro- and micro-cracks
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