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Analysis of local and global localizations on the failure phenomenon of 3D interlock woven fabrics under ballistic impact

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2017
auteur(s) Chu Tuan-Long; Ha Minh Cuong; Imad Abdellatif
journal (abréviation) Composite Structures (Compos Struct)
volume (numéro) 159
pages 267 – 277
résumé In this work, the effects of global and local localizations impact on the ballistic behavior of 3D interlock woven fabric are investigated. The influence of global localization has on the failure process of textile materials can be validated by experimental data, while the effect of local localization needs a lot more sophisticated experimental testing to verify. The ballistic impact of 3D interlock woven fabric is tested with different impact locations. The fabric ballistic behaviors are compared in terms of projectile velocity evolution and the development of deformation pyramid. The effects of both localization modes are significant on the ballistic limit of fabric. During impact, the global localization affects the deformation of the whole fabric through the primary weft yarn pulled-out mainly on the side near the free edge of the fabric, while the impact location decides the failure mechanism of primary weft and warp yarns around impact location.
mots clés 3D woven fabric; Ballistic impact; Numerical modeling; Dynamic behavior; Impact localization
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