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Estimates of waves decay rates in the presence of turbulent currents

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 2001
auteur(s) Thais Laurent; Chapalain Georges; Klopman G.; Simons R.R.; Thomas G.P.
journal Applied Ocean Research
volume (numéro) 23 (3)
pages 125 – 137
résumé A full-depth numerical model solving the free surface flow induced by linear water waves propagating with collinear vertically sheared turbulent currents is presented. The model is used to estimate the wave amplitude decay rate in combined wave current flows. The decay rates are compared with data collected in wave flumes by Kemp and Simons [J Fluid Mech, 116 (1982) 227; 130 (1983) 73] and Mathisen and Madsen [J Geophys Res, 101 (C7) (1996) 16,533]. We confirm the main experimental finding of Kemp and Simons that waves propagating downstream are less damped, and waves propagating upstream significantly more damped than waves on fluid at rest. A satisfactory quantitative agreement is found for the decay rates of waves propagating upstream, whereas not more than a qualitative agreement has been observed for waves propagating downstream. Finally, some wave decay rates in the presence of favourable and adverse currents are provided in typical field conditions.
mots clés water water; Currents; Wave damping; Tubulence; Free surface
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