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Influence of martensitique transformation on the low-cycle fatigue of 316LN stainless steel at 77K

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 1997
auteur(s) Botshekan Mohsen; Degallaix Suzanne; Desplanques Yannick
journal Material Science Engineering A
volume (numéro) 234-236
pages 463 – 466
résumé Tensile and low-cycle fatigue tests were performed on a 316LN austenitic stainless steel at 300 and 77 K. The tensile and low-cycle fatigue properties were obtained and analysed in terms of influence of temperature on the plastic deformation process, and particularly on the strain-induced martensite formation. The martensite content was measured by a magnetic-at-saturation method. No martensite was detected at 300 K. On the contrary, strain-induced martensite transformation is responsible for the higher tensile elongation at 77 K and for the secondary hardening observed on softening-hardening curves in low-cycle fatigue at 77 K. The induced martensite content in tensile tests is a function of the strain according to Angel's model, and in low-cycle fatigue it is a function of the strain level and of the accumulated plastic strain.
mots clés Low-cycle fatigue; Austenitic stainless steel; Martensitic transformation; Low temperature
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