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Effect of desiccation on mechanical behaviour of concrete

type de publication      article dans une revue internationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 01-03-2005
auteur(s) Burlion Nicolas; Bourgeois Frédéric; Shao Jian-Fu
journal (abréviation) Cement and Concrete Composites (Cement Concr Compos)
volume (numéro) 27
éditeur Elsevier
pages 367 – 379
résumé The objective of this work is experimental characterisation and numerical modelling of coupled behaviours between drying shrinkage and plastic damage in concrete. In the first part, we present an original experimental study on an ordinary concrete in order to determine mate-rial damage induced by drying shrinkage. Uniaxial compression tests are performed on sam-ples dried for different periods. It is shown that material damage can be caused by drying process. Mechanical behaviour becomes more brittle with higher damage kinetics when con-crete is dried. In the second part, a constitutive model is proposed in order to describe coupled hydro-mechanical behaviour of partially saturated concrete. This model takes into account in-duced damage, mechanical and capillary plastic deformations. Numerical simulations of ex-perimental tests are presented, and show a qualitatively good agreement with experimental data. The results are relevant with respect to the importance of drying process in the durability study of concrete structures.
mots clés concrete, drying shrinkage, hydro-mechanical coupling, damage, unsaturated material, elastoplastic damage model
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