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Mesures par indentation interfaciale de revêtements NiCr projetés thermiquement

type de publication      article dans une revue nationale avec comité de lecture
date de publication 1999
auteur(s) Lesage Jacky; Chicot Didier; Judas Didier; Zampronio M.A.; Araujo P.
journal (abréviation) Matériaux et Techniques (M&T)
volume (numéro) 9-10
pages 29 – 34
résumé Coating - substrate adhesion is one the most important properties to be considered for mechanical applications. Therefore, there is a need for reliable tests in order to optimize the thermal spray process. Lately, the interfacial indentation test was proposed in order to evaluate adhesion of thermally sprayed coatings. In a recent paper we applied this test to Cr3C2/NiCr coatings hypersonically sprayed on various metallic substrates. In the present study we obtained confirmation that this test may be fruitfully used in order to derive a critical load for interface cracking of a stainless NiCr alloy thermally sprayed on a low carbon steel. For this type of coating, residual stresses due to thermal effects cannot be removed totally by annealing. As a result it is not possible to define a unique critical load value for different coating thicknesses. Nevertheless the test allows to compare coating adhesion on the quenched or normalized low carbon substrate. It is demonstrate that adhesion is better for the normalized substrate and that an annealing treatment after spraying improves adhesion in a large extent.
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