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Influence of piles inclination on the seismic behavior of groups of flexible piles

type de publication      communication internationale avec actes publiés
date de publication 2003
auteur(s) Sadek Marwan; Shahrour Isam
conférence 82nd Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board
     dates de 12-01-2003 à 16-01-2003
     lieu Washington DC
     nom des actes Recent Advances in modeling in geomechnanics
pages 1 – 14
résumé This paper presents a thorough study on the behavior of inclined small diameter piles under seismic loading. Analysis is carried out using a full three-dimensional finite element modeling. The soil media is assumed to be elastic with Rayleigh damping, while piles are modeled as 3D elastic beam elements. The structure is described by a single degree of freedom system composed of a concentrated mass and a column. The paper is composed of three parts: The first part includes a literature survey on the behavior of inclined piles. The second part presents a complete analysis of a reference case, which permits to draw the mean features of the seismic behavior of a group of flexible piles including inclined elements. The last part presents a parametric study of the influence of piles inclination on the seismic response of a group of piles. The study provides valuable information about the influence of piles inclination on the dynamic amplification and the seismic-induced internal forces in groups of flexible piles.
mots clés finite element, inertial effect, inclination, pile, flexible, seismic, three-dimensional
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